3 Ports Car Charger

What if you are travelling with a group of friends and your phone batteries die at the same time? Or what if you are in the car with multiple devices, and all need to be charged? No need to worry. There are car chargers available in the market which have more than one USB port. The 3 Ports Car charger is one of the many multi-port chargers which we supply.

The 3 ports car charger as the name suggests can charge 3 devices at the same time, at the same speed. This means that you don’t have to wait for one device to be charged before you can charge another device. The triple port system allows three devices to be connected simultaneously.

3 ports chargers are built with smart charging designs and hence they provide an optimized charging experience. This means that high power devices are charged with same efficiency while no harm is caused to the low power devices. These chargers are adaptable for all types of vehicles.

3 ports chargers are durable, and hence they last long. They are portable and can be carried easily anywhere. They are protected against over-heating, high voltage, high current and short circuits to keep your devices safe.

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