4 Ports Car Charger

Car chargers have become a necessity for everyone in their daily life. Sometimes, 2 or 3 port car chargers may not be enough, especially if you are in the vehicle with your family. Laptop, phones, tablets, the list of devices is endless. 4 port car chargers come to your rescue in such a scenario.As a supplier, we have this type of charger.

As the name suggests, 4 port car chargers have 4 USB ports. This means that you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, with the same efficiency and speed. The performance of the charger is not affected due to the presence of extra ports.

4 port car chargers are equipped with built –in protections against risks like over-heating, over-current and short circuiting. They are high quality chargers and give the same performance for low power as well as high power devices without causing any harm. They are also adaptable for almost all types of vehicles.

These chargers are portable and light weight and hence can be carried anywhere easily. Made up of sturdy material like aluminum, these chargers are very durable. They reach the market after passing strict quality tests testing various parameters.

So, if you need to buy a 4 port charger of high quality, then contact us.