PD Car Charger

In today’s hi-tech world, everybody uses laptops and mobiles continuously and hence you need to charge them even while travelling. There are many car chargers available in the market, but the current demand is for single port chargers that can charge multiple devices at the same time. The PD car charger unifies different charging standards into one standard Type C Power Delivery (PD). As a professional car charger manufacturer, we also offers this product.

PD Car chargers help users to charge multiple devices at the same time using a single charging point. These chargers can deliver comparatively high power i.e. up to 100W and can charge laptops as well as smartphones similarly. This is due to the Type C technology they have. They are compatible with almost all types of devices including all the high-end smartphones available in the market.

The PD Car Charger can charge many devices at the same time at a fast speed. Their reversible plug adjustment and cable management enhances the end user experience. The current capacity is also high, so there is no need of an external power source to be attached. It also offers power delivery assistance by allowing all the ports to be power, data and video port.

If you are looking for a powerful car charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time with the same speed, then the PD Car Charger is what you need.