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2 USB Portable USB QC3.0 Android Fast Car Charger For Phone

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Name: 2 USB Portable USB QC3.0 Android Fast Car Charger for Cell Phone Charging
Item Number: SN-184-2Q
Input: DC 12-24V
Output: DC 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
Material: ABS+PC Shell + Aluminum Alloy Ring
Shell Color: Black/White/Grey or Customized
Ring Color: Black/Silver/Gold/Grey/Red or customized
Usage: Phone USB Charger
Supply Ability: 3,000,000 Pieces per month for OEM & ODM
Warranty: 12 Month
Samples: Yes


Product Details

Dual USB Port with metal polished edge

Unique metal polished edge,

Precise high-speed cutting process,

Produce a beautiful curve,

Create the most elegant models.


Dual-port output with stable current

Dual-port output with stable current,

With manganese steel shrapnel on both sides,

Providing wider circuitry,

Charges steadily even on bumpy roads.


Simple, stylish, unique models,  Designed by professional R&D team

Simple, stylish, unique models,

Designed by professional R&D team,

Production output reaches up to 3 million,

Fashion is always the trend.


Using top-gloss ABS+PC fireproof material,

Make it stylish and solid,

Wide variety of color to choose,

Customization is always our mission.


With anti skid shrapnel on both sides. making it stable even on bumpy road

Both side anti-skid shrapnel,

Made from manganese steel material,

More firm, elastic,

Lengthen its service life,

Insert and extract for several times,

Not easy to rust.


Safe Protection


Build-in High-quality Chip

car charger manufacturer -6

Anti-static protection

Top-grade hardware circuit,
Car charger protection chip,
No damage to inside appliances.

car charger manufacturer -5

Surge protection

Integrated surge resistant chip,
Provide stable current output,
Extends the battery life.

car charger manufacturer -4

Overheating protection

Even working in extreme temperature,
The output will automatically shut off.

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Over-current protection

Android fast car charger auto distribution,
Overcharging devices protection.

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Overvoltage protection

When the output voltage exceeds,
The chip will cut off.

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Short circuit protection

When the actual current surpasses,
The power will cut off.


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