Nowadays,When you go out for a trip or on a business trip,The most feared thing is that the mobile phone has no power.Because mobile phone likes our left or right hand,without it,we can’t do many important things! Luckily ,A best car charger can solve this problem.But a new problem has arisen:Which is the best car charger for your phone? Please look down!

There are several types of car chargers you can choose in the market.But you need a pair of eyes to identify which is the best car charger:

First of all,We should consider security issues.The principle of the car charger is to charge the phone after reducing the voltage of 12 volts to 5 volts.Therefore, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, and four safety protection functions are very important.without those,If the buck and current limiting circuit fails, it will cause 12 volts to enter the phone directly, and the phone will break.the best car charger can supply at least 2.1 amps (or 2100 mA) of current to each USB port. This way you can charge your Android tablet and iPad at the best speed, because mobile phones usually only need 1.0 amps (or 1000 mA).

Second,We can choose a car charger with quality certification,for example:CE certification,FCC certification and so on.These certificates can guarantee the quality of the car charger,and it makes customers more peace of mind.This is also one of the standards for the best charger.

Third,We need to understand the main parameters of the car charger,The voltage of the car charger must be the same as the voltage of your phone.If the power does not match, the car charger or mobile phone will be burned out.So,it’s important to know both your car charger and your mobile phone.

Last,You can choose fast charge or normal charge according to your needs,for example,you can choose 2 USB Fast Charging QC3.0 Quick Charge Car Charger. 4 times faster than any conventional charger,the USB port adapts to your equipment with advanced circuit equipment, built-in security devices to protect your equipment from excessive currents, overheating and overcharging to provide the safest maximum charging rate up to 2.4A dedicated output Available, so you can plug it in any way for the most convenient charging experience.

After considering the above factors,It will allow your device to charge safely and quickly on the trip!

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