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Name:  1 USB Port Portable 2.4 A Car Charger With Built-in Cable

Item Number:  SN-415-2.4A

Input:  DC 12-24V

Output:  DC 5V/2.4A

Material:  ABS+PC material

Color:  Black/White or Customized

Usage:  Phone USB Charger

Supply Ability:  3,000,000 Pieces per month for OEM & ODM

Warranty:  12 Month

Samples:  Yes


Product details

2.4 A Car Charger With Built-in Cable

High-speed charging with built-in cable

With a built-in USB cable and fast charging, You need not worry about your cellphone running out of battery. It is suitable for a busy business person, friends or others who forget to bring their USB cable.

2.4A Car Charger With Blue LED Indicator

Blue LED Light

It comes with a blue LED Indicator light that might help you to recognize the USB port in a short time. It will be very helpful at night when you are driving and need a quick charge to power up your cellphone.

2.4 A Car Charger With Built-in Smart Intelligent Chip

Smart Detection Technology

2.4 amp car charger, adopting the built-in cable, the output can reach up to 2.4A or 4.8A per port, faster than any conventional USB port charging. We use smart technology to determine automatically in case of encountering cable resistance. The loss of Current can be substantially reduced by built-in cable charging, which can ensure that charging speed will not be affected by long or old cables anymore.

With ABS+PC Fireproof Material

ABS+PC Fireproof Material

Sometimes the temperature inside our car will be higher, therefore, some of the charging adapters will be melted that will cause great danger. We adopt noble ABS fireproof material to make as mold injection, the components inside are well protected and the shell will never out Of shape even when charging at extremely high temperature.

With Spring Shrapnel Buckle On Both Sides, Making it Sturdy Even on Bumpy Road.

Spring Shrapnel Buckle

The shrapnel Buckle is made of manganese steel material, the shrapnel buckle is spring enough to be easy to plug-in and plug-out when using the car charger. The utility model has the advantages of firmer fastening and stronger elasticity, they can be used for a long service life that is not easy to rust.


Safe protection

2.4 A Car Charger With Built-in Cable

Build-in High-Quality Chip

Car charger manufacturer -6

Anti-static protection

Top-quality hardware circuit,
Car charger protection chip,
No damage to inside appliances.

Car charger manufacturer -5

Surge protection

Integrated surge resistant chip,
Provide stable current output,
Extends the battery life.

Car charger manufacturer -4

Overheating protection

Even working in extreme temperature,
The output will automatically shut off.

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Over-current protection

2.4 amp car charger auto distribution,
Overcharging devices protection.

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Overvoltage protection

When the output voltage exceeds,
The chip will cut off.

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Short circuit protection

When the actual current surpasses,
The power will cut off.


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