Dual USB Car Charger

Sometimes, you require 2 USB ports to charge your devices while you are travelling in the car. In such situations, normal car chargers will not help, and you need to have a charger with two USB ports. As a car charger manufacturer, we make such dual USB chargers.

Dual USB chargers can identify two digital devices at the same time and charge them at the same speed, simultaneously. They are compatible with almost all the types of devices and are adaptable with different kinds of vehicles. They have optimized circuitry which is built in such way that it does not cause any harm to less powerful devices while giving an enhanced performance.

The body of these chargers is mostly made up of aluminum and hence is quite durable. They come in several attractive colors and are equipped with the requisite built-in protections from various types of risks such as over-heating, short-circuit etc. These chargers are tested for quality very strictly and are, hence, quite reliable.

So, if you are looking for a car charger which has 2 USB ports, contact us and buy the dual USB car charger.