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Name:  2 USB Portable Mini USB Car Charger for Cell Phone Charging
Item Number: SN-422-4.8A
Input: DC 12-24V
Output: DC 5V/4.8A
Material: Aluminum Alloy Material
Color: Black/Silver/Gold/Grey or Customized
Usage: Phone USB Charger
Supply Ability: 3,000,000 Pieces per month for OEM & ODM
Warranty: 12 Month
Samples: Yes


Product Details

Our Mini USB Car Charger comes in many color such as silver, black, blue, red and many more.

Mini compact body,

Comes in many colorways,

Compact and small,

Perfectly fit in the cigarette socket.


Equipped with high-quality metal housing making it drop proof.

Even if you drop it off by accident,

Still remain intact when you pick it up,


Still working perfectly fine.

Gorgeous housing, stable, durable yet compact

Mini USB Car Charger

Made of Aluminium Alloy,

Whole gorgeous metal body,

Top-quality never comes from words,

But technologies.


usb c pd charger

Comes with an LED Light Indicator,

Looping through Car Charger USB Output,

White LED indicates that you charge in safe voltage range,

Otherwise, the red LED indicates over-voltage,

The LED Light is soft in the eyes, not distracting your attention.


Dual USB port with intelligent chip

Well design built-in micro process chip,

Effectively control over-loaded and over-heat,

Safe driving,

Safe travelling.


Safe Protection


Equipped with High-quality Chip

car charger manufacturer -6

Anti-static protection

High-quality hardware circuit,
Multiple protection chip,
No damage to electrical appliances.

car charger manufacturer -5

Surge protection

Integrated surge protection chip,
Stable Mini USB car charger output,
Extends the battery life.

car charger manufacturer -4

Overheating protection

When in extreme temperature,
Automatically shut off charging devices.

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Over-current protection

USB Car Charger automatic distribution,
Avoid overcharging the devices.

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Overvoltage protection

When the output voltage exceeds,
The chip will automatically cut off.

car charger manufacturer -3

Short circuit protection

When the actual current exceeds,
The protector will cut off the power.



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