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With the improvement of technology in devices, more and more people are getting dependent on technology

more devices being invented and released to the market with added features, specifications and etc

This devices definitely consume a lot of power since it needs to power up many features and specifications

Since at that time USB 2.0 speed is not that fast, USB IF (Universal Series Bus Implementers Forum) has decided to create a USB that allows data transfer faster than USB 2.0

Here goes USB Type-C , 20 times faster than USB 2.0.

Without Further Ado, Here are some advantages of using USB Type-C:

1. Faster Transmission Speed

USB Type-C no doubt is faster than USB 2.0. Allowing data transfer at a maximum speed of 10gbps , allowing users to gain a significant performance during charging and data transfer.

2. It is Reversible

You can freely insert your USB Type-C to the charging port since the shape of USB Type-C is reversible. No matter which side you insert, USB Type-C still has the capability to faster charging and faster data transfer.

3.   Faster Charging

With USB Type-C, you can fully charge your device in a matter of seconds. USB Type-C can reach a maximum speed of  100W,  Making it capable to charge a smartphone, tablet and even a laptop.

4.  Two Way Charging / Reversible Charging

USB Type-C can supply power in both directions . It can charge the device itself or external devices. For example, the Type-C used in your phone can charge other devices or the Type-C in power banks that support both input and output .

5. USB Type-C Is Smaller and Thinner than Standard USB-A

USB-C port is 0.83 cm long and 0.26 cm wide . The old USB port is 1.4 cm long and 0.65 cm wide. The end of the USB-C data cable is one-third the size of a standard USB-A data cable plug .

6.   Scalability

With just 0.83 cm long and 0.26 cm wide, USB Type-C is capable of transmitting audio and video signals. It also expands to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI, and many other differentiating conversion interface transmissions.




Smartphone plays a significant role in our daily life, from browsing social media, making a phone call, browsing a website, taking a picture, making a payment, booking an appointment and many more.

But, what if accidentally you drop your smartphones to the water?

Firstly, dont panic because it will cause more damage to the phone

Then, how can you avoid any additional damage?

Here are 5 Tips that Might Save Your Phone From Getting Additional Water Damage

1. Shut Down The Phone Immediately

Shut Down Phone

when you shut down your phones, don’t play or try to turn on the phone. Since nowadays many smartphones batteries are not removable, take out things that you can take out such as your sim card and memory card. By keeping the power off, it can save your phone from getting Additional Water Damage caused by a short circuit.

2. Remove Moisture From The Phone


Wipe smartphone with a clean towel in and out, wipe headphone jack & microphone with a cotton swab. Remember dont wipe it too harshly. This way, the water will not infiltrate into other components.

3. Use Hair Dryer

Use a hairdryer to dry out your phone. don’t dry directly, you must put a movement when drying your phone. Remember to keep a certain distance from phone to hairdryer and drying time less than 30 minutes.

4. Use Uncooked Rice

Many people know that rice is good for water absorption. For example, when we were a child when our watch was filled with water. The watch was placed in the rice tank and covered with rice for one night. The same is also possible for mobile phones. The shorter the water intake time of the smartphone, the easier it is to suck dry.

5. Check The Phone

After you do all this step, check your phone whether it can be turned on or not. And check whether phone functionality is working fine ex: camera, microphone, screen, battery, etc.
If there’s one or many features That are not working, the best way is to go to professional to repair it.



Smartphone plays a significant role in our everyday life and I believe it would be hard for us to go through a day without a smartphone. But if you accidentally drop your phone to the water and you want a quick tip to save your phone before you bring it to a repairman, below are 5 water damage restoration tips that you could try at home.


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These days we spend a lot of time in our vehicles, commuting from one place to another. Sometimes these vehicles double up as homes, especially when people are camping outdoors or visiting unfamiliar areas. They can also be the venues for informal meetings with friends.

Communication devices like phones have also become an undisputed part of our daily life. They are multi-functional devices that are used not only for communication but also for entertainment purposes. They are very useful for people who are continuously on the move and work outdoors. If you have low power devices that lose power very fast, it can create a problem while you are travelling. So, it is better to have a car charger with you.

There are various types of car chargers available in the market. Often people prefer a dual USB charger because it is convenient, and you can charge two devices at the same time. A dual USB charger is one that has two ports. There are several other advantages of dual USB car charger and there some disadvantages as well Let’s have a look at these, so you can decide if using this type of car charger will be beneficial for you or not.

Pros of Dual USB Car Charger

Charge two devices

As mentioned earlier and as the name indicating, this type of car charger has two USB ports. You can attach two devices and charge them at the same time. This means that if two of your Devices are low on battery, you can charge them And use them.

2. No effect on speed and efficiency 

You may think that since there are two devices attached at the same time the speed of the charging will be slow. However, that is not the case. Be attached at the same time, the speed of the charging remains the same. Both the devices The efficiency of the charger is also not affected due to the increase in the number of devices. It will work with the same Speed ​​and proficiency irrespective of the number of devices attached.

3. Universal USB port technology

 Dual port USB car charger is compatible with smartphones and tablets with different operating systems. They work with all of them in the same way. This is because of the universal USB port technology being used in these chargers. Means that if you have an Android phone and an iPhone you can charge them both at the same time using the same dual port USB car charger.

4. Shockproof and fireproof

usb type c

While we travel in the car it bumps and vibrates owing to the condition of the road. If you are using a car charger while driving in such circumstances, your charger will also vibrate. Dual ports USB chargers are most Suitable in such situations. They do not get affected by the vibrations of the car as they are vibration-proof. These chargers are fireproof as well.

5. Adaptable to climatic conditions

 Even though most cars these days are air-conditioned, the charger needs to be adaptable to the weather conditions. Dual ports chargers can work effectively in extreme heat as well as extremely cold conditions. Extreme weather has no effect on the performance of the charger.

6. Portable 

Dual ports USB chargers are smaller in size. Their design is very compact, and hence, it is very easy to carry this charger wherever you go and make use of it whenever necessary.

7. Fit in easily

 As mentioned earlier, these chargers are small and compact and can fit easily into the cigarette lighter outlet of the car and stay there firm.

8. Durable 

Dual USB chargers are made of sturdy materials including metals like aluminium. This makes their body very strong and durable. This is the reason why these chargers last for a longer period.

9. Appearance 

 Made up of sustainable materials and painted with different attractive colors, these chargers have a smart appearance.

Dual USB car chargers are beneficial in many ways. However, they have some disadvantages also.

Cons of dual USB car charger


As the benefits gained through dual USB car chargers are more, the price of the product is also more as compared to other types of car chargers available in the market.

2. No adaptability with some car models

These chargers are made with advanced technology, and hence, they are not adaptable with some of the old models of cars So, you can not use these chargers if your vehicle is of an older model. Before purchasing, make sure the dual USB car charger supports Your vehicle.


The pros of dual USB chargers far outweigh the cons. If they are a little expensive, the cost is worth the benefits they offer. If you worry about the price and go for a cheaper product, it is highly possible that you may end up buying a product that is not durable and cannot give the expected performance. Additionally, there is always a danger of your device getting damaged with low-quality products. The financial loss you will suffer will be much more than what you would pay for a dual USB Charger. This type of charger is capable of meeting the needs of users while keeping their devices safe from risks like overheating, high current and short-circuiting. They also cause no harm to low power devices and give high performance for high power devices. Dual USB chargers are extremely suitable for users who need to travel continuously. Make use of them and have your cell phone batteries fully charged even while you are travelling.

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Mobile Car Charger

These days technology surrounds us everywhere and in whatever we do. We cannot imagine our daily lives without mobile phones and laptops. Both these devices run on a battery that needs to be charged at regular intervals. As the usage increases, the battery also drains quicker You can easily charge it when you are involved in indoor activities. However, while you are travelling, it becomes a problem to charge the battery if you don’t have a car charger.

If you are a frequent traveller, a mobile car charger is an absolute must-have for you as your mobile needs to be on so that you can remain connected as well as get directions for reaching your destination. There are different types of mobile car chargers Available today in the market. However, before you make a choice, you need to take a few factors into consideration. Let us first understand what a car charger is.

What is a car charger?


A car charger is a small , portable gadget that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter or accessory port of your car and offer one or more powered USB ports. This gadget is generally used to charge smartphones and tablets. It can also be used to charge Many other USB-powered devices including a few models of cameras and battery packs.  There are certain things you must for while buying a car charger to get the best performance out of it.

Here are 6 things to consider when buying a mobile car charger :

1. High Amp Output

Generally speaking, a good quality charger delivers at least 2.1 Amps through each USB port. This is sufficient since a smartphone or a tablet requires only half of this, and they get charged at a remarkable speed with this output. When you look for a high Amp output, you must look for a 4.8 Amps car charger. If your charger is a dual USB charger, each port will deliver 2.4 Amps, and you can charge two devices simultaneously with the same speed and efficiency. , if you Select a Range of Output is less than this, your devices will not be charged properly and effectively.

2. Multiple USB Ports

It is possible that a single person uses various devices, or you may be travelling in a group. In this situation, a charger with a single USB port can be a major problem. Here, you need to have a charger with multiple USB ports. If you have it, you don’t need to wait for your turn to charge your device or wait to charge one device after the other. A multiple USB charger can save you a lot of time. You don’t have to hang up important Calls because your battery is about to die. It provides an opportunity for everyone travelling with you to charge their devices using multiple USB ports.

3. Replaceable Charging Cable

A good car charger does not come with a permanent charging cable. If the charger has a permanent cable and it fails after a certain period, If the detachable cable Breaks or stops working, you can easily replace it and continue using the charger for years With replaceable cables.

4. Compatibility With the Devices and Vehicle

While buying a car charger it is essential that you check its compatibility with the car and the devices it is meant to be charging. This will determine if the charger is useful for you or not. Available in the market, but If you have different devices And then it is better to select a car charger with universal USB port technology. These are the car chargers that are compatible with almost all types of tablets and smartphones with different operating These days chargers Are made according to universal USB port standards, and they are Always with all vehicles. However, if your car was manufactured before those provisions were Set, Then you have to be careful while choosing the charger and buy one which is compatible.

5. Cost

Cost is a critical factor when you set out to purchase something. Obviously, you want to get the best deal. However, this can be risky in the case of car chargers. although some companies provide high-quality chargers at reasonable rates, few others I want to lure customers and sell low-quality items at low prices. It is important to note that if the charger is of poor quality, it is a threat to your smartphone or tablet. It may cause To avoid this loss, it is better After making your purchase, make sure that the charger has undergone strict quality tests. Must also be protected from high voltage, high current, over-heating, and short-circuiting. It should perform the Same for high power as well as low power Devices without creating any damage to them. If a charger has these features, You should go ahead and purchase it, Even though you may feel that the price is on the higher side. consider it an investment.

6. Durability

Though it may not seem important, you must check if the charger is made up of sturdy and durable material like metal. This will make the charger longer and save you money in the long run.

If you keep these factors in mind, you are sure to purchase the best mobile charger as per your requirements, and you can travel without any worry.


In this digital era, smartphones and laptop are a big part of our daily life. We have been using it for reading news, stocks, emails, etc.

Undoubtedly, our smartphones and laptop require a battery to power up. And I know it’s tough to survive a day without our smartphones and laptop. But what will you do if your battery runs out?

It’s easy to keep your device charged at home, office, cafe, mall. But what will you do if your battery runs out when you are driving a car to meet some relatives, pay a visit to a friend or going to some business meeting?

This issue was a problem in a few years back, with the arrival of the car phone charger you don’t need to worry again if your battery runs out. 

If you are a frequent traveller, a car phone charger is a must.  It will be helpful when you are using a power-hungry application. Special when you are on a road trip when you need to make an emergency call, flashlight and navigation. 

There are many types of car phone charger in the market, and you can choose the specification according to your needs. Here are some tips which will be useful for you when using a car phone charger.

Below are 6 Helpful Tips for Using a Car Phone Charger

1. Avoid Draining Car Batteries

Plug out your charger when not in use by doing this; you help the car batteries to live longer. There is also an advanced car phone charger in the market which don’t drain car batteries needlessly. When buying a car charger, make sure that you are purchasing The advanced car phone charger which has safeguard properties.

2. See If The Charger Port Is Compatible 

You don’t want to buy an incompatible charger, don’t you? Before you buy a car phone charger, make sure that it is compatible with your device specification.

3. Don’t Keep It Plug-in At All Times

Keep it plug-in all the times not only can degrade phone battery but also can degrade car battery. Keeping it plug-in reduces the lifespan of the battery.

4. Turn to Airplane Mode / Turn OFF Your Devices

Some smartphones charge very fast, but some are very slow no matter what kind of charger you use them. Either you turn to airplane mode or turn off, it will reduce charging speed by two times.

5. Avoid Overheating

Overheating can cause a problem for your devices. Even when charging with a car phone charger, you must keep precautious and make sure that your devices don’t overheat. Most car phone charger these days have protection against overheating, so do smartphones. However, instead of relying on these features, it’s best to ensure that the phone doesn’t overheat while being charged.

6. Be Consistent

Don’t wait for your phone battery to be drained off completely. It requires more energy to charges a drained off the smartphone and can drain the car battery.



 The car charger that you choose should meet the requirement of your devices this way; your Phone will be charged faster and safer. 


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