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Smartphone plays a significant role in our daily life, from browsing social media, making a phone call, browsing a website, taking a picture, making a payment, booking an appointment and many more.

But, what if accidentally you drop your smartphones to the water?

Firstly, dont panic because it will cause more damage to the phone

Then, how can you avoid any additional damage?

Here are 5 Tips that Might Save Your Phone From Getting Additional Water Damage

1. Shut Down The Phone Immediately

Shut Down Phone

when you shut down your phones, don’t play or try to turn on the phone. Since nowadays many smartphones batteries are not removable, take out things that you can take out such as your sim card and memory card. By keeping the power off, it can save your phone from getting Additional Water Damage caused by a short circuit.

2. Remove Moisture From The Phone


Wipe smartphone with a clean towel in and out, wipe headphone jack & microphone with a cotton swab. Remember dont wipe it too harshly. This way, the water will not infiltrate into other components.

3. Use Hair Dryer

Use a hairdryer to dry out your phone. don’t dry directly, you must put a movement when drying your phone. Remember to keep a certain distance from phone to hairdryer and drying time less than 30 minutes.

4. Use Uncooked Rice

Many people know that rice is good for water absorption. For example, when we were a child when our watch was filled with water. The watch was placed in the rice tank and covered with rice for one night. The same is also possible for mobile phones. The shorter the water intake time of the smartphone, the easier it is to suck dry.

5. Check The Phone

After you do all this step, check your phone whether it can be turned on or not. And check whether phone functionality is working fine ex: camera, microphone, screen, battery, etc.
If there’s one or many features That are not working, the best way is to go to professional to repair it.



Smartphone plays a significant role in our everyday life and I believe it would be hard for us to go through a day without a smartphone. But if you accidentally drop your phone to the water and you want a quick tip to save your phone before you bring it to a repairman, below are 5 water damage restoration tips that you could try at home.


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